About the project

The project started in 2014 in cooperation of nine partners from eight European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Makedonia, Slovakia, Spain and Romania) who have long time experiences in the field of social work with migrants and minorities. The project is trying to involve in projects activities several actors as ngo, universities, municipalities, research institution etc. to share the best practice and cover all dimension of social work.

The project was founded on recognition of changes in social work in current time and needs to improve some of new competencies for future social workers deal with migrants and minorities in Europe. The goal of the project is preparation of recommendation of activities for training of selected competencies. The selected competences are:

  • Intercultural understanding
  • Diversity management
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Project development

The methodology of the training is inspired from the project TUNING. TUNING Educational Structures in Europe started in 2000 as a project to link the political objectives of the Bologna Process and at a later stage the Lisbon Strategy to the higher educational sector. Over time Tuning has developed into a Process, an approach to (re-)designing, develop, implement, evaluate and enhance quality first, second and third cycle degree programs.

Tuning is focused on competencies and describe them as knowledge, skills and value acquired or developed during the learning process. The student is defined as statements of what students should know, understand or be able to demonstrate after completion of learning. 

More about the project here

The part of the project is work on mapping the realities of migrants and minorities in partners countries and preapre a comprehensive overview of the life condition, housing, economic activities etc. This study will be chapture of the final reference book.